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Explore Metsovo

Idyllic Metsovo is one of the most picturesque and traditional towns of Greece. It is 56 km away from Ioannina and 95 km away from Trikala (through a wonderful route via Meteora) and it is built 1100 metres above sea level on a mountain side of the mountain range of Pindos. Nowadays Metsovo has a population of 3500 and it is the homeland of many eminent men of the neo-Hellenic History. Many National Benefactors come from here.

The inhabitants are engaged in stock breeding and also in wood processing since there is plenty of wood in the area. They are experts in carving and in pastoral sculpture. Many people work on other items of folklore art like textiles, embroideries and longhaired handmade blankets. There many families of stock-farmers who in October go with their sheep to spend the winter in the plains and come back in Metsovo in May to spend the summer. Also, the cheese-dairy products are famous as well as the wines of Metsovo.

In the last few years Metsovo appears to have a rapid tourist growth and more and more visitors choose it for their holidays all year round. Its traditional houses built of stones and wood, the picturesque paths, the stony fountains with the cool running water, the pure and traditional manners and customs of the inhabitants, the ski resort, the various gastronomic treats, the cafeterias, the bars, the clubs and the many sights that you can visit establish it as the ideal place to rest and also to have fun.

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