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 - Asteri Metsovo
During your stay at the hotel 'Asteri Metsovo' you can visit many remarkable sights of all kinds, in Metsovo but also in the surrounding area of Ioannina prefecture:

  • The lake created by the springs of Aoos river (go around it : a distance of 45 km)
  • The National Park of Valia Calda
  • The ski resort of Metsovo for skiing in winter and in summer for your walks
  • The locations where you can go horse riding on ponies
  • The Monastery of Panagia by walking and going on picnics where you can enjoy the excellent view of the sources of the river Aoos and the churches of St. Paraskevi, St. Xaralambos (where St. Kosmas Etolos talked to the people of Metsovo) and of St. Nikolaos
  • The folklore art shops with traditional items from Metsovo
  • The museum of Tositsas
  • Averof's garden and Averof's art gallery
  • In spring and in summer the Park of Agios Georgios which embraces all kinds of trees in Pindos.
The managers of the hotel will be happy to inform you about the sights in the area and also about the excursions you may wish to go on. See more about the sights of the region: &
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